The GCISD Reads initiative is designed to build a love of reading in students - encouraging them to read a large quantity and a wide variety of books.

Who: GCISD students, teachers, and parents are invited to participate.

What: Students have a choice of the challenge they wish to complete. Students can participate in one of the quarterly challenges:

  • Book Challenge
    • Learning to Read: 25 books a quarter
    • Reading to Learn: 6 books a quarter

To encourage students to complete the quarterly challenges, librarians may implement monthly themed bonus challenges.  While optional, they will count towards the monthly book and page challenges.

Audiobooks are suitable both for students who choose to read this way and for those in need of accommodations. In order to successfully complete either of the challenges, students should read at least 2 ebooks. Ebooks and audiobooks can be found on Overdrive through Classlink (

When: Between June 1, 2021 and May 1, 2022

Where: Reading can take place inside or outside of school using paper or electronic materials.

Why: Students who read more do better in school, have wider vocabularies, and have a lifelong habit enabling them to continue learning beyond their K-12 education.

How: Students will keep track of their reading on a log that notes the title and date completed. Once students have completed their challenge, logs should be returned to the classroom teacher or the librarian. Teachers or librarians will record their students' completed reading challenges on the Google form to ensure they receive a certificate at the end of the school year. Please contact your librarian for the link to the Google form.