Dove Elementary Winter & Spring Choirs!

Who is eligible for choir?
Dove Choir is open to any 4th or 5th grade student who remains in good standing.  Students must maintain passing averages on progress reports and report cards, maintain quality conduct grades in all classes, maintain quality behavior in choir, and have good attendance in school and choir.
When are choir rehearsals?
Choir rehearsals are Tuesdays from 2:55-3:45.  First rehearsal will be Tuesday, September 11.  Please pick up your child on time from the driveway at the front of the school. 
Can my child ever be removed from choir?
Yes, for excessive unexcused absences from choir rehearsals, for failure to comply with behavior guidelines and for not maintaining passing averages in core subjects.
My child is has a cast part.  When are those rehearsals?
Cast Rehearsals are usually Mondays from 2:55-3:45.  Please pick up your child on time from the driveway at the front of the school.
Are there any additional rehearsal days or days when choir will last longer?
Two weeks before the performance, we typically hold additional rehearsals.  Your child will be given a hard copy of the schedule at choir rehearsal.  For those who never made it home with one, check the Dove homepage; the calendar is on the right.
What do I wear to dress rehearsals?
Dress rehearsals are just that...students should be dressed exactly as they will be for the performance. 
When can I order choir t-shirts?
The order forms for choir t-shirts is always given to students at rehearsal.  The form should be completed and returned with payment on or before the deadline stated on the order form.
Does my child need to buy a t-shirt?
Only if he/she wants to show off Dove Choir PRIDE!
What can I do if my child lost his choir booklet?
Pray.  Grovel to Mr. Strang.  Bring him chocolate in exchange for a new copy.
My child was absent from school.  Can he still come to choir?
No.  Keep your illness at home.  This goes for choir performances as well.