Lisa Cotter

Yo!  I am so excited about starting school this year! It is fifth graders' time to shine!

Many years ago, I was a dolphin and taught right down the hallway!  How did I get here?  When I graduated from Baylor University thirty years ago, I longed to teach in the Dallas area.  My first teaching position was in Irving, where my husband and  I married and had our first son, Alexander.  We then moved to Burleson, and then on to Corpus Christi, my hometown. My son Mitchell joined our family, then we headed back to Dallas area, where we landed in Grapevine.  My son even went to first grade here at Dove in the classroom I am currently located.  Imagine that!  He wasn't the youngest in the family, because my daughter Katie was born right here in the complex. Then, my husband took us on an adventure to upstate New York where I earned my master's degree in Educational Administration.  Eventually, we moved down to Virginia in Fairfax County.  I taught there a few years before heading to Germany where I taught fourth grade at Frankfurt International School, which is an IB Primary Years Program. After a couple of years, we returned to Fairfax, then headed back to TEXAS!  For the past nine years, I have been teaching first through fifth grades in San Antonio.  My children all longed to be back in the Dallas area, so they relocated here right after they graduated from college.  My heart being tugged, I convinced my husband we needed to return to our home in Grapevine and here we are again!   

These past three years at Dove have been fun and full of unique experiences and opportunities, but most importantly, I have had the sweetest kiddos ever.  Another year in fifth grade and ready to continue the adventure. This year will prove to be full of surprises, learning, and shining moments! Let's get started!