Safety Patrol

Safety Patrol Expectations

Our safety patrol provides a service to our schools by helping students arrive safely, being helpful and courteous to parents and students, and keeping traffic moving efficiently. Areas where you can be assigned a duty are in the front, at the bus circle, and in the halls monitoring students. Students doing duty out front or in the bus circle will assist by opening car doors, greeting students and parents, and helping children and parents at the crosswalk. When you are monitoring in the halls, you are simply to remind students that they need to go to either the cafeteria or gym, and not go to the classrooms before the bell rings. There are some hallways that require you to assist in holding the doors. The first few weeks of school, some students may need assistance finding their classrooms.

Each week you will rotate to a new duty station. People who started in front will rotate to the bus circle. Those at the bus circle will rotate to hall monitor; hall monitors will rotate to the front.

 Please plan to be at school by 7:25 each day to perform your scheduled three weeks of duty. During the training for safety patrol you will receive your rotation schedule. Your attendance and your performance in class determine your participation in safety patrol. We expect safety patrol members to model the kind of behavior we want from all Dove students.

Thank you,

Britney Kerley

Gaye Walker

Christina Majeske