Early Arrivals
For their safety, students may not arrive at school before 7:15 am.  Supervisory personnel are not on duty until that time.  Students arriving between 7:15 am and 7:35 am should proceed immediately to the Cafeteria (grades K-2) or the Gym (grades 3-5) and wait there until they are dismissed to their classrooms by the person in charge.  If at all possible, students should arrive promptly at 7:35 am as that is the time they are first allowed to enter the classroom areas.  Students arriving before 7:15 am will be sent to KidzU at the parents' expense.
Please call the school office if your child will be absent from school.  Many of our students walk or ride bikes to school, and we make every effort to account for each student.  You may contact the office staff by calling (817) 251-5700 beginning at 7:15 am each morning.  If you prefer, you may leave a voice mail at the same number between 3:30 pm and 7:15 am.  Please let us know your child's name, their teacher's name, and reason for the absence.  A note must be sent with your child explaining the reason for the absence the morning they return to school.  This note should be brought to the office where your child will receive an Admission Permit to return to class.
Tardy Procedures
All students will be marked tardy in their classrooms if they arrive after 7:40 am.  Students must stop by the office to get an Admit Permit before they go to their classrooms.
Doctor and Dentist Appointments
In the event an appointment must be scheduled during the school day, a parent must come into the school office and sign the student out of school.  Upon returning to school, the student must bring a written note from the parent or physician explaining the absence.  We will issue an Admission Permit that they will present to their teacher for readmission to class.
Medicine may not be given at school unless certain conditions are met.  We must have a signed permission slip from the parent indicating the name of the medicine and the time and amount to be administered  All medicine must be in the original container and must be kept in the nurse's office.  Students may not keep medicine, asthma inhalers, or Epi-Pens on their person or in their backpacks.  Please refer to the Student Handbook or contact our nurse for further clarification of this policy.
Visiting Dove
Safety is a priority on our campus.  Doors will be locked at 7:40 am each morning.  All visitors and volunteers must check-in through the office before entering the school using our visitor management system called Raptor. You must present your drivers license every time you check-in.  If you do not have it, you will not be able to proceed further into the building. Please return to the office before leaving to check-out and to turn in your badge.  The few extra moments you spend signing in and out will help to ensure everyone's safety.
We sincerely appreciate the investment of your time as a volunteer. Whether it is just volunteering with your child's classroom, your school's field day, helping with a field trip, or in any other capacity, you must completed the following Volunteer Background Authorization form online.  This must be completed each year.
Volunteer Background Check Application 
Birthday Celebrations 
Student birthdays are announced daily on the KDOV Morning Broadcast. If you wish to send something to celebrate your child's birthday, it must be non-edible.  Examples of non-edible birthday treats are stickers, pencils, crayons, etc.
Our school cafeteria is open daily throughout the school year.  Please check the Nutrition Services page for lunch prices.  Students may bring money each time they buy, or for your convenience, you may send a check to pay for several weeks or more, or pay online through MySchoolBucks.  A computerized record will be kept of their account with lunches being charged against the account each time they buy.  Please keep in mind that an extra milk is $0.75.  An additional dessert or snack is an extra $0.50 - $1.00.  If you do not wish to have "extras" purchased by your child, please write "no extras" on your check along with the student's name and homeroom teacher's name.  If your child brings a check, they should be taken to the Cafeteria Manager in the morning before classes begin.  Children who pay cash for their lunch will do so at their regular lunch time.  Students enjoy having visitors during their lunch tine and your presence is welcome.
Dress Code
Shorts may be worn by students at Dove Elementary School.  Shorts must be at least mid-thigh length.  Nylon wind shorts need to have something worn under them and bicycle style shorts must have something worn over them.  Revealing tank tops or shirts advertising alcoholic beverages or other inappropriate subject matter will not be permitted.
Inclement Weather Policy
Weather conditions may occur which make it necessary for the schools in Grapevine-Colleyville ISD to be closed for the safety of students and staff. Announcements of this nature will be posted on the district site as information becomes available. In addition, parents and students are advised to listen to local radio or television stations for a current news report.
To be automatically notified by email of school closings due to inclement weather sign up for GCISD FastNews AND sign up to receive E-Alerts from the GCISD home page of this website.
No announcements will be made when schools are to remain open. If schools are to be closed for an entire day, that announcement will be made by 6:30 a.m. that day. Early release of classes already in session may be made if it appears that weather conditions are becoming worse and driving would be hazardous.
Please listen to the stations listed below or check the District's website for information concerning school closings or early release due to weather.
KVIL -Radio 103.7 FM
KRLD-Radio 1080 AM
WBAP - Radio 820 AM
KPLX/KLIF - Radio 99.5 FM/570 AM
KERA - Radio 90.1 FM
...and most other local radio stations.